Gospel: Bass Lines: Walking on I Chord

Shout music is an entire sub-genre of Gospel. This is when the congregration really gets fired up!

Variation 1

This may look very complicated on the surface, but the pattern is quite simple. You should think-hear-feel two "target notes": C on beat 1 and G on beat 3. The rest of the notes are just three note chromatic pickups that ascend to each target.

Gospel: Bass Lines: Walking

Performance Tip: Feel each chorus as a coherent 4-bar ideas, not as isolated one or two bar segments.

Variation 2

An inversion of the above...

Gospel: Bass Lines: Walking

Technique Tip: The proper way to walk is to drop the weight of your arm-hand into each note.
Try to sound like a stand-up bass play thumping big round notes.

Variation 3

Now with a descending line in the second bar...

Gospel: Bass Lines: Walking

Mix and match each pattern to create even more ways to play.

Variation 4

Yet another way to connect the chord tones C and G.

Gospel: Bass Lines: Walking

Can you think of some other ways to connect the chord tones?