Gospel: Walkups & Walkdowns

Walkups and walkdowns are a great way to keep the time moving, to build momentum, and to connect one chord to the next. You should master walkups and walkdowns for connecting all of the "big three" chords (I-IV-V).

Walkup I to IV (C to F)

Don't fuss about what the chords in between C and F are called. Just notice that they form a simple linear pattern using the notes in the major scale!

Gospel: Walkups Walkdowns

Walkdown IV to I (F to C)

Notice that only the inner voice moves in the right hand...

Gospel: Walkups Walkdowns

Walkdown I to V (C to G)

Feel how these patterns create momentum and a sense of anticipation...

Gospel: Walkups Walkdowns

Walkup V to I (G to C)

Notice how much mileage we are getting out of the simple idea of walking up or walking down the major scale...

Gospel: Walkups Walkdowns

Walkup V to I (Variation)

Here's a Blues and Boogie Woogie lick that is adapted to suit a transition from the V chord back to the I chord. Don't try to over-analyze the chords. Study and absorb the pattern...

Gospel: Walkups Walkdowns