Take the A Train: Solo Development

The solo development ideas below are designed to build intimacy with the tune "A Train", while simultaneously encouraging you to really learn your way around the piano. They provide structure and general ideas, but they do not spell out what or how to play. YOU must choose and play and make mistakes. You learn by doing. There is no other way. Enjoy!

Single Note || Chord Roots || Chord Tones 1-3 || Chord Tones 1-3-5 || Chord Tones 3-7 ||
Major Pentatonic Scale ||

Here are a few more hints: Pickups || Weak Beat Chromaticism || Strong Beat Chromaticism || Guide Tone Lines || Chord Tones 1-3-5-7 || Chord Tones 3-5-7-9 || Chord-Scales || Scale Fragments || Scale-Chord Mixture || Rhythmic Motives || Target Notes || Embellishments || Sequences || Licks || Eighth Notes || Triplets || Scale-Chords || Triad Melodies || Horizontal Versus Vertical Scale Approach || Common Tones || Blues Licks || Grace Notes