ii7-V7-IM7: Chord Voicings: Triad over Root

Because triad shapes are intrinsically strong harmonic structures, a very effective voicing can be created by the "triad-over-root" pattern. Think of the Dm7 chord as "F major triad over D" and CM7 as "E minor triad over C". The "9"(2) is added to the G7 chord for color and creates smooth voice-leading...

jazz chord voicings

Study & Practice Tip: Don't fuss over how these voicings are named. Absorb the visio-spatial pattern and associate that pattern with the sound-feelings that you experience.

Now play the right hand above as a rootless voicing in the left hand...

jazz chord voicings

These voicings are not "rules". They are simply ideas for your consideration and exploration. Feel free to add, subtract, double, and invert notes to suit your personal taste.