Jazz Chord Voicings: Minor 7: Bb/C Voicing

This voicing provides the harmonic background in Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage". While it has the identical chord structure as a Gospel 7 chord, it has a completely different function. Instead of being used as a dominant V7, it is used as a dreamy, tonally ambiguous chord in a Dorian tonality. Notice that the suspended-sounding 4 is emphasized.

jazz chord voicings

Study-Practice: Using your knowledge of scales and chord structure (and your ears of course), transpose these voicings to all twelve keys, building an immense chord vocabulary... a vocabulary that integrates visio-spatial, aural, and kinesthetic awareness!

Study & Practice Tip: Do not worry about what the chords are named and don't try to memorize the chord structure numbers or stacks of intervals. Master each voicing as an integrated pattern and associate it with its unique sound/feeling.