Mixolydian Bebop Scale

The Mixolydian Bebop Scale, also called the Bebop Dominant Scale, is derived from the Mixolydian Scale. The difference is an extra chromatic note inserted in between the b7 and the 1.

jazz scales bebop dominant mixolydian

jazz scales bebop dominant mixolydian

The "claim to fame" of the Mixolydian Bebop Scale is this:

That said, you should consider adding the Mixolydian Bebop Scale to your bag. Use it to create melodic lines over a V7 chord, secondary V7 chord, ii7-V7 cell, or secondary ii7-V7 cell, but appreciate the following:

So, instead of memorizing "bebop scales", it is better to understand the overarching principle: It is okay to insert a chromatic passing tone in a line in order to create a smooth melodic flow or to put the chord resolutions in the right place rhythmically. In fact, it is more than okay; it is absolutely essential and desirable to use chromaticism in order to make things musical! So, a simple musical explanation for the Mixolydian Bebop Scale is this: If you want to melodically connect 1 down to b7 or b7 up to 1, insert a 7 in between. That's it!