My Credentials

I possess no musical diplomas. I have no "credentials" in the conventional sense. (By the way, this is simply a material fact, not a rejection of the value of formal education). My credibility is grounded in the diversity, authenticity, and uniqueness of MY particular, unconventional smorgasbord of musical and life experiences.

That said, I profoundly understand your frustrations because I have struggled with and overcome each and every one of them myself. I unraveled the many "mysteries" of music in middle age, so I vividly remember how unnecessarily difficult it seemed.

Piano-ology is the fruit of countless cycles of frustration and joy, regular bouts with self-doubt, thousands of hours and thousands of dollars spent over the course of two decades on books, recordings, videos, magazines, private lessons, independent research, college classes, and a huge amount of plain old hard work fussing over things until they made sense. It is my unrelenting and ongoing commitment to understand music, the piano, and life in general. Piano-ology is the fruit of love and struggle and perseverance. It is frustration transformed into joy.

My Musical Resumé

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